The Central Community Scholarship Foundation proudly provides scholarship opportunities to students of Central Community School District including the towns of Elkader, Elkport, Garber, Littleport, Mederville, St. Olaf and Volga.

Central Community Scholarship Foundation helps our hometown students achieve their educational goals by raising scholarship funds, establishing endowments, providing assistance with college readiness and the financial aid process, and distributing scholarships each year.

Our Mission

The purpose of Central Community Scholarship Foundation will be to raise funds to assist the graduates of Central Community High School, Elkader, Iowa in paying the rising cost of continuing education.

An all-volunteer Board of Trustees will develop an operational process, promote the Central Community Scholarship Foundation program, raise funds for scholarship distribution, and award the scholarships on a fair, equitable and nondiscriminatory basis to deserving students.

Our Goals

The goals of Central Community Scholarship Foundation are:

1.     Every Central high school graduating senior who applies will receive a scholarship award.

2.     Increase the endowment fund every year to provide extra funds for scholarships.

3.     Maintain and increase the named scholarships awarded each year.

Current Board of Trustees Members

Courtney Vorwald - President
Justin Vorwald - Vice President
Jane Metcalf - Secretary
Paula Ehrhardt - Treasurer
Sue Stott
Jessie Pensel
NiCole Dennler
Angie Bergan, K-12 Counselor

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